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Citrus Pay is India's fastest growing financial technology company - providing payment gateway, one-tap pay, and other innovative solutions - with over 8000+ merchant partners & 21 million registered users.

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Citrus Wallet

Making payments faster, smarter and easy!
Whether it's dinner, drinks, movies - or anything at all - pay friends, get paid back, or split a bill with your group. The Citrus Wallet app is all you need.

Citrus Wallet is an app that lets you send money to and receive from anyone who has a phone number or email. It lets your transfer money to friends, colleagues and family members within seconds. You can split canteen, movie, travel and party bills with ease. All with a tap on your mobile screen! These money transfers can be made at any time, to any specified bank account. You can even see all your past transactions and keep a track of your spending patterns. 21 Million users are already on the Citrus network... the question is, are you?

* Citrus Wallet is PCI-DSS compliant, licensed by the Reserve Bank of India and supports Visa, MasterCard, AMEX.

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One-tap Checkout

There's no need to enter your payment information on another site again!
We remember all that is important for you to pay - securely.

With our one-tap checkout solution, payments are quick and smooth. Simply save your details in your Citrus account and we'll take care of the rest! Citrus automagically enters your payment details making things simpler.

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