9 Ways to Speak Geek

BENGALURU: The world of startups is full of jargon. Be it in Bengaluru or Silicon Valley, they speak their own language, bro. They talk about 'burn rate' and 'churn rate' and always have their 'pitch deck' ready, which is a 10-slide power point presentation that covers all aspects of one's business. And all those young entrepreneurs fresh out of campus love opium, or OPM-other people's money Besides this shared slang, most start-ups have their own pet phrases, sometimes vernacular, carried forward from campuses or coined impromptu, to convey something special and to make an impression on their audience.

"These terms reflect something core to do what they are doing, "said G Sabarinathan, chairperson of NS Raghavan Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning at IIM-Bengaluru. "Entrepreneurs want to make an impact or impression on their audience -investors, customers and employees so tend to coin something around a pain point they're addressing and often over use it to drive home a message," he said

Here are some pet phrases of some of India's startup poster boys...

DEEPINDER GOYAL, founder and CEO, Zomato
This reflects the firm's readiness to always trash the past and disrupt themselves to avoid complacency and ensure constant innovation.

HARSHVARDHAN MANDAD, cofounder and CEO, TinyOwl
This straightforward jargon conveys that there is no finish line and always room for improvement. The day you stop learning is the day you stop improving, Mandad says.

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KRISHNAN GANESH,chairman, Portea Medical
The serial entrepreneur who uses to launch startups uses 'Kolaveri scaling' to describe the need to scale up very big - in terms of employees, revenues, geographic expansion and services to make full use of the huge potential and whitespace opportunities that his startups have. He also uses this jargon to describe to others the kind of scaling ventures are known for.

NAVEEN TEWARI, cofounder, InMobi THINK 10X
Tewari uses this jargon to urge his employees to 'think big'. Any initiative, product or policy, must solve for 10 times the size and scale than what an employee initially thought of.

KUNAL SHAH, founder, FreeCharge
FreeCharge employees use this jargon to value the quality of their job. They are asked to rate any task or job undertaken and give it their own 'pride metric'.

JAYDEEP BARMAN, cofounder, Faaso's
A simple way of saying, 'show some smart energy and don't drag your feet' typically used during a kitchen or delivery centre visit and sometimes at management meetings. POLYGON IT This jargon comes in when the food technology startup wants to include a particular area in its delivery radius of a store or kitchen.

SATYEN KOTHARI, founder and managing director, Citrus Pay
This is what Kothari's team is asked when they brainstorm together on ideas, marketing creatives or products, meaning the one thing or message they're trying to showcase.

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